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Grandpa would be an interesting meal… without the comma

Without the comma, the English language would consist of hilarious sentence mistakes. It is the most common mistake of punctuation in the English language. It is used to break up two different thoughts or topics introduced throughout a sentence. The … Continue reading

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American Eagle confusing your with you’re

I saw this in an American Eagle clothing store a couple years back and had a good laugh with my friend about it. It was on a billboard promoting the t-shirt right when you entered the store. We spotted the … Continue reading

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British Slang, You either love it or you’re a tosser

Ah British slang. A type of language that has confused and continues to confuse people all over the world. Let’s see if you, the reader, can decipher this British slang sentence. Friend one: Blimey that clock over there is turning … Continue reading

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