The Cuban accent perfected by Al Pacino

    “In this country, you gotta make the money first, then when you get the money you get the power,then when you get the power then you get the woman” a quote from Antonio Montana, played by Al Pacino. This somewhat true quote has no relevance to this post in the words, but with the way it is being said. Al Pacino uses a Cuban accent when speaking as Tony. He definitely got the accent right. If you have ever watched Scarface, Tony talks slowly and adds ys to many of his words such mayn for man or frieynd fro friend.. He also says dis instead of this. The stereotypical ju instead of you also arises many times in the film. This can be shown in “Who do ju think ju are talking to mayn?” I have traveled to Cuba many times and Al Pacino definitely nailed the accent. Cubans popular to belief actually do indeed speak like this. It’s not only Cubans, but many South American men as well. My grandpa Juni was born in Santiago, Chile and he still to this very says “how are ju guys doing,” when he is speaking English. Al Pacino also adds a “the” to many of the nouns Tony says. I can be seen in the quote above “then when you get the power.” He adds a the to power to emphasize it. Cuban’s are famous for doing this as well. I remember once when i was about the age of ten, i traveled to Cuba and got a life lesson from one of the locals. He said “you will get the car, then when you get the car, you will get the woman, then when you get the woman, you will get the child, then you will get the responsibility.” I find it hilarious that Scarface actually got the correct accent and that what Tony says is basically around the same gist of what the local said to me.    


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