What the hell is a Homonym?

The “Homonym” in my opinion is just a way that the creators of English decided to construct to confuse the people participating in the language. It has two words with the same spelling and pronunciation, but a different meaning… Why the creators of this language decided to throw this aspect into the language pot is beyond me. It’s no wonder why the English language is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Imagine you’re a Japanese immigrant who only knows how to say hello and goodbye. You’re fresh off the plane and your friend walks with you to the cab. Your friend is a fitness trainer. He tells you that you guys are going to take the train home and then he is going to train for the big competition. You scratch and your head because he said the same word twice? What?  He then begins to open his laptop and sees an add pop on the screen of a magazine portraying an attractive woman. You nudge him implying that she is attractive. He responds “she’s not my type, now i have to type this fitness paper out. Again you scratch your head and are confused. This poor immigrant is going to have a hard and frustrating time deciphering the difference between homonyms in the English language.  These two examples are only a small taste of the homonyms out there. Some others include. Sewer and sewer in the sentence “the sewer fell down a sewer hole”. Another very confusing example could be ball, ball and ball in the sentence “After you throw me that ball, we will go to the ball and have a ball.”  Homonyms are one of the sole reasons people are afraid to learn the English language. How are we supposed to have the ability to decipher this strange concept without having any prior knowledge about the word context? We can’t.


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