Grandpa would be an interesting meal… without the comma

Grandpa would be an interesting meal... without the comma

Without the comma, the English language would consist of hilarious sentence mistakes. It is the most common mistake of punctuation in the English language. It is used to break up two different thoughts or topics introduced throughout a sentence. The inclusion or omission of a comma can lead to some hilarious grammar mistakes, such as the one depicted in the picture above. The first sentence is “Let’s eat grandpa” meaning the person literally is telling someone to serve grandpa as a dish and enjoy resorting to cannibalism. The second revision is “Let’s eat, grandpa” meaning the person is implying that he and his grandpa should eat. The addition of the comma finishes one thought and adds a new one without confusion. It can also be used in lists. The example “I had an apple, banana, chicken, cauliflower, tomatoes, lettuce and onions in my salad. This helps not produce a run on sentence. Although the comma is very important in the English language, many writers and authors forget them. Take a gander at the Twilight series books and you will be confused. The author leaves out commas in some needed areas… The oxford comma is another form of punctuation important to use. It is optional in using it before the word and, but can change the entire meaning of the sentence if used or not used. An example of this is “We invited the hippos, Lincoln and Washington” instead of “We invited the hippos, Lincoln, and Washington. The first version has the Presidents Lincoln and Washington as human hippos, while the second version makes more sense. The comma is what keeps the ideas of sentences together. Without if the English language would be impossible to fully understand. We also have to thank the Oxford comma for our lack of confusion in the English language.


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  1. skip hire says:

    I will be intrigued as well as interested in what you’re writing about right here.

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