English? A sexists language?

A sexist language is having the tendency to speak to someone and refer to them according to their gender. This has and continues to be a problem in the English language. Words like fireman and policeman have been changed to firefighter and police officer to appeal to both men and women. It seems like every occupation needs to have a unisex name for men and women. Men have definitely got the upper hand in the war between sexist languages. The scientific word for both genders in the human species is homo, meaning “man” in Latin. The word “he” is also the most common pronoun. One can use “it” to avoid the gender role, but most people find the word it insulting. Words that appeal to women are considered “marked” only for women. Whereas words like “mankind” appeal to both men and women. Sexist language creates a society where women are the lower social class. Perhaps we should adopt the Spanish perspective and have an el or la to portray everything as male or female. The use of crafting universally friendly words is bothersome and in my eyes a waste of time. If we continue with this charade, when will it end? What if we soon have to create new words that appeal to both male, females, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals? Where does it end? How can we know where to draw the line and stick with one word? The funny thing that gets me is that we recognize different expressions of sex such as gay or lesbian and accept them in the English language, but we constantly bicker over whether to use male or female language. At least the English language doesn’t have women being equal to the word it, like it the Turkish language. So whether or not you call English sexist, just think. It could be very much more sexist.


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