American Eagle confusing your with you’re

American Eagle confusing your with you're

I saw this in an American Eagle clothing store a couple years back and had a good laugh with my friend about it. It was on a billboard promoting the t-shirt right when you entered the store. We spotted the grammatical error and laughed. An employee walked up to us and asked why we were laughing. We pointed at the grammatical error and she didn’t understand what was wrong. My friend pulled out a black marker and circled the your. She still gazed at us with a blank expression. Finally i said the “your is missing an apostrophe re to make it you are. She had a nice giggle and walked off to tell the manager. He yelled at us for circling the grammatical error and kicked us out of the store. I remember him saying ” now everyone is going to see this flaw.” My friend turned back and said the “damage was already done the minute we walked in the store.” A month later we both caught our eye on a girl wearing the shirt and we began to laugh. She asked why we were laughing and we pointed out the flaw she laughed and walked away. The very fact that American Eagle printed the t-shirt and sold it after the error was pointed out is somewhat hilarious. I mean is this what society has come to? Not having a care in the world for grammar, the very foundation our language is built on? It appears so… pretty soon the fast food franchise will adopt this aspect. Burger King will have the slogan “have it you’re way” and Wendys will have the slogan ” you know when its real.” Perhaps everyone selling merchandise will continue what American Eagle has started. We may be in a rude awakening of grammatical errors everywhere you can buy a product.


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